Packing the Monkeys, Again! (2004)

Packing the Monkeys, Again! (2004)

, Movie 92 Min with the title Packing the Monkeys, Again! (2004), story about "Packing the Monkeys, Again!" is a story about love couple, which live in small rented apartment. Nebojša is a journalist who works to much and he asks Jelena to do everything what all traditional Montenegrian women does. Jelana studies literature and she is suspicious for Nebojša having an affair. Of course, owners of their apartment are coming in their lives and bringing their problems to house of Nebojša and Jelena - Nata, Dragica's and Dragoljub's daughter is a problematic child. But, most interesting thing is that, person who is re-telling this story, is a man with amnesia who doesn't know in which bathroom he fell on his head and writing is a part of his therapy.

Release: May 15, 2004

Duration: 92 Min

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