The Jungle Book: Make-A-Wish (2016)

The Jungle Book: Make-A-Wish (2016)

, Movie 82 Min with the title The Jungle Book: Make-A-Wish (2016), story about The Jungle Book: tell the story of Mowgli a young boy who is fighting cancer. Mowgli's mom and Grandfather Tom pray for a miracle as Mowgli's condition starts to deteriorate. When Mowgli's closes his eyes, his mind takes him into the world of his favorite story, The Jungle Book. The Monkey King believes that if he can capture Mowgli, he can become human. The wolves try to keep Mowgli safe from the dangers of the jungle. This heart warming story will keep you entranced from beginning to end.

Release: Apr 16, 2016

Duration: 82 Min

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